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About The Garage Mentor

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We are so much more than another web design or digital marketing agency, and here is why...

The Garage Mentor’s mission is to assist auto repair and car wash businesses in providing high-quality service to their customers, increasing trust and providing better working conditions so that together we elevate the industry and transform it into a more prestigious and attractive place for the employed and future workforce.
We participate in the process with quality consultancy, mentoring and coaching at a reasonable price paid in instalments for start-up and existing auto repair and car wash businesses and helping them to establish their activity in the market without placing a heavy financial burden on them.
This allows them to avoid high costs that could put at risk their smooth operation, invest gradually in their development and earn out of their micro-investments in the meantime.
We believe this is the best way for them to experience predictable results, sufficient money flow, sustainability, steady growth, and content.
We aspire to uplift the automotive community through inspiring coaching, consultancy and mentoring on key business strategies, tactics, and skills.
We are carrying out our mission without ever compromising our clients’ trust.
The motor vehicle sale and repair industry has been wrestling with a deepening skill shortage and problems for years. Business owners and local and global trade organisations share concerns about the future of the trade, but the relevant State institutions are slow to prepare and implement the necessary measures.
The Garage Mentor realised that the trade needs leaders who uplift others. Leaders might not have high academic awards, and they might not be far ahead of others in terms of skills too, but they would have passion and the will to serve and support. We’ve got these. That’s why we accepted this mission.
Many independent auto dealerships and valeting centres lack genuine support. They struggle to stay in business and keep employees, and that’s very sad. We want to help them as much as we can.
Learn more about our mission to assist auto repair and detailing centres across Ireland and Europe to reach new customer service and revenue levels.

Founder's Bio

Vladislav Gerginov

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Consultancy, Mentoring, Coaching


Motor Trade




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