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Welcome to the Garage Mentor’s blog, where you will get essential insights on starting up and running a car repair service.

Създаване на Автосервиз

Създаване на Автосервиз С тази статия, в която описвам най-срещания сценарий за това как се заражда и разработва автосервизен бизнес, бих желал да дам някои препоръки и решения към настоящите и бъдещи собственици на автосервизи, за да могат те да превъзмогнат предизвикателствата и подобрят качеството и бързината на услугите си.

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Momentum Leverage In Business

Momentum build-up and leverage in your business This has taken a long time to figure out and on the cost of a lot of time and money for mentoring and coaching … and I’m pretty careful to share this because it’s a little more of high-level stuff. But I’m feeling

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Автосервиза по време на криза

Сега е момента да направите решителна крачка напред! Успеха е гарантиран, защото има много нерешителни хора, които ще се ослушват докрай. Ако има моменти, в които искате да блеснете с превъзходни мениджърски и лидерски качества, няма по-подходящо време от сега. Първо, защото настоящата ситуация на глобална икономическа криза ни отвори

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Car repair shops and crisis

If there are occasions when you got to show up excellent managerial and leadership skills, there is no better time than now. First, because the current situation of the global economic crisis has opened our eyes to many omissions in different areas of the economy and life and taught us

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Контрол и закони на инерцията в бизнеса

Отне ми много време, за да го осъзная и с цената на много пари за менторство и коучинг … и съм доста предпазлив да споделям това, защото то е нещо на малко по-високо ниво. Но усещам, че това всъщност може да опрости нещата за собствениците на автосервизи, така че ще

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Be The Best vs. Do It All

Take action before you lose control! 🔥🔥🔥 For those car shop owners who’re just starting up their business or haven’t figured out their path yet… Here’s something that will definitely help them. I’ll try to keep it very simple and concise… As usual, noting good in life happens overnight but

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They talk about your Brand, service, and competitors

Learn to “listen” to your customers and let your brand rock With the rise of social media analytics tools, you can achieve many different goals – drive conversions, raise brand awareness, or provide excellent customer service. There are plenty of tools on the market that will provide you with thousands

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Social Listening In Action

What do you imagine when you here about Social Listening?… Social Listening definition: Social listening is the process of monitoring online conversations to understand what customers are saying about a brand and its product or service online. It is primarily used for community management, such as identifying customer pain points and

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