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Car repair shops and crisis

If there are occasions when you got to show up excellent managerial and leadership skills, there is no better time than now. First, because the current situation of the global economic crisis has opened our eyes to many omissions in different areas of the economy and life and taught us important lessons; second, because visionary people see many opportunities, even in difficult times like the present.


We help Auto Repair and Detailing centres to excel and scale fast. | The Garage Mentor

One of these great opportunities that are being unveiled right now is to attract and hire expert staff that will propel the company to new levels as soon as the crisis loosens its grip. Right now, the job markets are flooded with laid-off laborers, including experts who have just lost their jobs. With agility in your actions, you can be one of the savvy A-players to swipe the most appetizing pieces. Why would this tactic prove successful if you act immediately? Because there are so many uncertain business owners who are afraid to take any step keeping withing the comfort of their safety zone, which greatly increases your chance. But… knowing how to find and acquire the most aligned with your model experts is crucial on its own.


We help Auto Repair and Detailing centres to excel and scale fast. | The Garage Mentor

Many business owners avoid talking about themselves and their business to employees, especially to potential employees. What I mean, they are afraid to reveal details and become vulnerable, and second, being under cover, they will be able to easily leverage or manipulate anyone and anything … We all know that type of mindset, right? So, the first reason is to stay protected and the second is to leverage and manipulate.

But this way of thinking is completely wrong and often drives owners into closed vicious circles, causing them great damage in the long term, both personally and business-wise… Because they surround themselves with people who are left astray by what they saw at a glance, causing dramatic differences and misalignment at a later stage, hence businesses struggle to keep up.

Owners, don’t make this huge mistake … actually being transparent and open can save you a lot of troubles, some of which are vital (I won’t go deep into details right now). After all, both you and your employees are people with feelings and problems, so understanding each other and understanding if you are a match is crucial.

In fact, there is an easy and secure way to avoid the overwhelming number of inappropriate job apps and interviews. Yes, there is a shortcut to avoid the troubles and protect the culture in your company… the key is in the job listing copy that conveys your message to potential candidates.

The mistake many companies make in the process of team building is to seek and recruit staff based exclusively on their level of expertise and experience. Thinking they’re creating a team of superstars that will pull the company up the top and create a lot of benefits, however, remains only a mere dream. The truth is that modern business overcame this wrongful belief and discovered that success today is dependent on human interaction and good company spirit more than ever before. Because the professionals who will propel your business have to be passionate and inspired people whose virtues and values are similar to yours… in terms to be able to follow and support you in the journey you’ve taken. Also, in order to be able to have a cohesive team, the members should match to a large extent their unique human qualities and values. And it’s absolutely within your control to find, attract and retain such people with wise selection and supportive working environment. This is where your personal, managerial, and leadership qualities come into place…

But even if you do not impress with knowledge and skills, do not be discouraged – the most important thing is to surround yourself with people who are a match with your virtues, values, vision, and goals in life and business… this is how you’ll provide each other the spiritual food that will pull your great results out.

Engage the community

You are guaranteed to grow a much healthier and profitable business, even as an average leader if you use the frame above… than got surrounded with super-professionals with random visions and goals that tear the company’s culture apart. Logically, people of your type will get to trust you and team up with you quicker and smoother than the case with misaligned employees. Does it make sense?

One simple example:
– you are a middle-aged man with family and children…
– you do not smoke…
– you are passionate about motorsports…
– you like to spend more time with your family…
– you read motivational books…
– you (don’t) go to church regularly…
– and you have your vision about life and business…
The chance to build a strong and lasting relationship with alike people is almost 100% because likes attract likes. While differences create segregation, misalignment, and sometimes even hostility.

At the end of the day, team members who aren’t inline lose motivation and soon or later adopt the ‘IT’S JUST A JOB’ mindset (like the other 90% of the population on the earth), even worse, sometimes they deliberately spoil the team. And this scenario represents the myriad examples of barely-surviving businesses where their owners consider only professionalism and ignore the ‘human being’ factor. Allowing this to happen is detrimental to your business.

The most essential of all skills of a manager is to recognize, attract, unite, nurture, and retain a good match of employees. It means your primary responsibility is to build and support the team and culture within the company … Instead of trying to re-program random professionals with your own program.

Attracting those who are already programmed with a similar program VS. trying to re-program ones with your own program alone – a long and painful pathway. Do you get the point?

Those business owners who have already figured out this concept have built super sustainable companies that grow and will last forever.

The recap is that an established expert in the wrong environment is less beneficial and productive than a person with fewer skills in the proper environment and it’s up to you to acknowledge and leverage your acquisition process…

Because no one out there knows your assets better than yourself, if you look at your vision, values, and virtues as assets (and you should)… And no one can consolidate your team better than yourself.

We help Auto Repair and Detailing centres to excel and scale fast. | The Garage Mentor

Vladislav Gerginov

The Garage Mentor founder and CEO


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