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We Develop Intelligent Autopilot Sales Systems For Automotive SME

Other Motor Vehicle Sales Repair Valeting Businesses Build Momentum And Scale. Does Yours Do So?

Other Motor Vehicle
Sales Repair Valeting Businesses Build Momentum And Scale. Does Yours Do So?

Request a Customer Acquisition and Sales Process audit with us and get a free quote for assets needed and step-by-step action plan.
An improved marketing system for vehicle sales, vehicle repair, and car valeting businesses.
Intelligent autopilot sales systems for vehicle sales, repair and valeting centres.
An improved marketing system for vehicle sales, vehicle repair, and car valeting businesses.
Intelligent autopilot sales systems for vehicle sales, repair and valeting centres.
Noel O'Reilly
Noel O'ReillyMullingar Valeting Centre
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Thanks to Vlad for the brilliant work on our website, Google profile and booking system. We've been getting a lot of business from them. We highly recommend him to anyone who wants to grow the business fast.
Dimitar Z.
Dimitar Z.Expert Auto Service
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Without Vlad, I and my team would've never made the progress we made in just a year! He developed our branding, website and booking system and promoted them on the web to significantly improve our online presence and increse our sales. I strongly recommend him to anyone!
Our customers from the motor vehicle sales, repair and valeting sector scale up fast with a suitable online presence, intelligent sales systems created by us, and our continuous devoted support.
Following a system integration, our clients report between 50% and 300% sales increase within the first two months and sustainable growth after.
Get your unconventional assets developed by us today and join the club of fast-growing businesses.

How The Systems Work

The truth is that the easiest service discovery and booking process wins over long and slow processes.
Having an efficient and effortless customer acquisition process is so helpful for growing a business today.
Our Autopilot Sales Systems serve automotive centres by providing 24H rich information, access to services, and convenient booking options to help our clients get more business.
We create and integrate the system into your business. You can focus on your work while your booking calendar fills out on autopilot.
Why would you want us to do that for you? Let’s look at a common scenario – a small family business.

The business is small enough to avoid hiring a dedicated receptionist, and the small team is involved in manual work, like most small vehicle repair workshops or valet centres.

In this case, the business misses out on customers and bookings, it misses out on business, and it loses the ability to compete.
While the team members are busy providing services, they can’t handle hanging customers who, eventually, lose patience trying to get access and bounce off.
Market research reveals that many businesses fail to provide easy access to services, booking options, and comfort to their customers during the discovery and booking process.
Service and repair workshop or valet centre owners either don’t know how or have no time to deal with it.
If you are an average service user, the standard path to avail of services would look like this:
  • you search for services
  • you discover different businesses
  • you compare business to business if there is enough information to allow you to do so
  • you decide which one you want to go with
  • you try to contact the business and book an available slot the first time
  • if you couldn’t contact the business the first time for various reasons, you try again
  • you give up and go to the next business
  • you try to contact them
  • after series of contact attempts, you agree for a suitable date and time, eventually
  • you call in and avail of the services.
Hustle and time-wasting intimidate customers and make them turn their back. That’s why business owners often hear about some of their loyal customers doing business with competitors.
Because no matter whether an existing or new customer tries to contact you and book, time, speed, effort, and convenience make a big difference.
Ok, What Next?
Have your existing customer online acquisition and booking process audited by us, and get a free quote and action plan for the assets needed.
While our system presets proved to work just fine for most of our clients, you might need something more custom.
Custom builds are more likely to deliver better and faster results. Get in touch today, and we’ll be happy to respond.
Autopilot Sale & Scale Systems for Motor Vehicle Sales, Repair, and Valeting SMEs | The Garage Mentor

We Have Awesome System Presets

We help Auto Repair and Detailing centres to excel and scale fast. | The Garage Mentor
We offer out-of-the-box presets which have been matched, tested, and fine-tuned for years to prove intelligent autopilot service selling systems for showrooms, repair workshops, and valeting bays.


  • Google My Business


  • Start Preset &
  • Responsive Website


  • Engage Preset &
  • 24H Autopilot Bookings


  • Boost Preset &
  • Facebook Business
(All of the presets are eligible for TOV except the Start Preset.)
Trading Online Voucher Scheme

Most of our systems are eligible for TOV. Find out more below and get in touch for further assistance.

We help potential clients with a TOV application if they choose to go ahead with our services.
The typical application process is a sequence of steps:
  • talk to suppliers
  • create a plan
  • get quotations – 3 for each body of work
  • decide on preferred supplier
  • fill out an application form
  • submit the form to LEO
  • if successful, sign the Letter of Offer and return within 2 weeks
  • there are 6 months to get the work done
  • pay suppliers on work completion and get an invoice
  • keep proof of payment
  • submit drawdown claim to LEO
  • receive voucher value
Motor vehicle sales, repair and valeting SMEs are eligible for the support scheme as far as they have:
  • limited current online trading presence,
  • less than 10 employees,
  • turnover less than €2m,
  • traded for at least 6 months, and
  • registered their business in the local LEO area.
The incentive is a 50% co-funding of up to €2500, provided by the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment (DETE) for the development of trading platforms, websites and booking systems for local SMEs. It came to help small businesses to develop an online trading presence.
To be considered for trading online, a business has to either:
  • sell products online through an e-commerce website
  • take online bookings for the services it offers, or
  • take online payments.
Businesses that have already received a TOV can now apply for a second voucher, where upgrades are required.
There is a point system to evaluate the suitability of a project for co-funding, which means it matters how well the project is prepared. You can earn up to 120 points for a set of criteria.
For more information on the TOV incentive, please, contact us directly or send a query to your Local Enterprise Office.

Our Speciality

We constantly develop our services to meet our clients’ demands and take care of businesses from the get-go to the top.

Full-scale automotive marketing

Customer flow management

Revenue-increase technology

Intelligent online sales

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Hey, this is Vladislav from The Garage Mentor, the guy who can probably add more value to your automotive business and help you scale up faster than anything or anyone else in the industry.
From initial market research, planning and long-term strategy to customer acquisition and engagement, branding, marketing, sales systems, and process automation, you can count on me.
After being a devoted car repair technician, workshop manager and garage owner for many years, I’m here to provide you with the cutting-edge know-how and technology to uplevel your business.
So, please, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need any assistance with your motor vehicle sale, repair, or valeting centre and thanks for checking out this page.
Best, Vlad

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