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What our clients say

"Thanks to Vlad for getting our website and booking system up and running. He did an awesome job, and the online assets he built for us work really well and bring a lot of business. We highly recommend him to anyone who wants to grow the business fast."
Noel, Mullingar Valeting Centre
Mullingar Valeting Centre, Mullingar
"Without Vlad, I and my team would've never made the progress we made in just a year! He provides great mentoring and coaching and inspires me when I need it. He developed our branding, website and booking system and promoted them on the web to significantly improve our online presence and increase our sales. I strongly recommend him to anyone!"
Dimitar Z.
Auto Expert Plovdiv, Plovdiv
"I had the pleasure to meet Vladi on Skype, taking advantage of the 45-minute private session. I am extremely grateful because this was a great opportunity to gain valuable insights about starting and growing my own auto repair business. Asking questions, sharing my intents and ideas, and getting feedback from a person with his expertise were really useful. I got tips that I can put immediately into work, and I thank him for that."
GoPlus Auto Service, Sofia
"I aspire to combine my true calling and passion in life - motor servicing and repairs and Rock music. The Garage Mentor helped me to improve my website's look so that it describes my business and conveys my message to the public in a better way."
Motor Man Auto Service, Fort Walton Beach

Clients Who Have Trusted Us

Desktop and mobile website GoPlus, Sofia
Desktop and mobile website Автосервиз Експерт Пловдив Auto Expert Plovdiv.
Lennon Motor Centre's website tablet and smartphone responsive design.
Motor Man LLC - laptop and smartphone website look
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